Maintenance for Unix Lans ?

Maintenance for Unix Lans ?

Post by Eliza Strickl » Wed, 22 Apr 1992 03:08:56

We have 5 RS/6000 and 2 Sun Sparcs on a Lan and are going to buy
more RS/6000.  We have been talking to AJS as a possible third
party maintenance for our set up - we have not been quoted a price
yet. I was wondering what other people's experience with
maintenance has been, so we could make a decsion as far as
whether to get full maintenance, partiall maintenance or no
maintenance and whether third party maintenace is up to par
on these newer machines.

Any comments are welcomed. If enough information is attained,
I will summarize comments.



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We have a Linux-Server (SuSE6.2) with 2 network-cards (different
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We cannot allow any IP-Forwarding between these two cards.

Now - the problem is that we also want to use a modem for a PPP-connection
to one of these TCP/IP-networks.
At the moment this is only working when we set IP_FORWARDING to "yes"; but
now the Linux-Server may also
forward IP-traffic between both network cards.

I'm looking for a simple solution to solve this problem.
I haven't yet worked with firewalls, but in my opinion I will need to use

Does anyone have any experiences / hints to help me in this problem?

Thanks in advance

Martin Pauly

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