Coexistence of AIX PS/2 and AIX/6000

Coexistence of AIX PS/2 and AIX/6000

Post by Zvika Bar-Dero » Wed, 20 Feb 1991 00:23:50

We are running the following configuration:

    AIX/PS2 (1.2) - 4 machines
    AIX/RT (2.2.1) (used as disk server)
    AIX/6000 (3.1 - 3002)  (new)

Till we got the "6000", I added users on 1 of the PS/2, using CRON
I copied the /etc/passwd file every-so-often to the other machines
(I now realize that I should have also copies /etc/group). With the
DOS-Merge product we had a problem - we couldn't write from DOS to
NFS-mounted filesystems on the RT (it's a bug, I think the APAR is
IX09598- unsolved as far as I know); reading/executing was o.k.

Now I tried to move the users' home directories to the RS/6000. This
causes some problems (note that the "6000" will not just be a disk
server, but also a compute server, therefore logins are required).
The problems are:

* The passwd files do not have the same format - I can't simply
  copy the files periodically.

* As for groups - I've got no idea.

* Should I perhaps begin learning about NIS (Yellow Pages) and use
  it ? Does the AIX/PS2 coexist well with a RS/6000 as NIS server ?

* Biggest problem - now DOS-merge can't even read files mounted from
  the "6000" (writing still causes the same problems as with the RT).

Last thing - when are we going to have just one AIX - not 4 operating
systems that happend to have the same "prefix" (AIX) ?

I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to solve my problems with these
machines - till now, they seem like a waste of money, nothing more !
(this is unlike the RS/6000 used as personal workstations, which seem
to be working nicely, and usually quiet easily manageable via SMIT).


p.s. The PS/2's and the "6000" consist a TCP/IP subnet (over token
     ring) the 6000 is the gateway to an Ethernet, and of course, one
     couldn't define the nets via, smit, not even via odme as my SE
     tried to do.

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1. AIX 1.2 is dead (was X server for PS/2 XGA under AIX 1.2)

I have heard from my spies in IBM (comments invited to confirm or deny):

1. PS/2 AIX is dead (no more new versions, except for bug fixes).

2. AIX has not been certified for the PS/2 90 and 95.

3. AIX will never be certified to work on the model 90 and 95.

4. Not said to me, but a conclusion of (3) is no support for XGA.

5. The only way to run Unix on the model 90 and 95 and have IBM's
   blessing is to run SCO's Open Desktop, with which IBM have a licensing

6. Future Unix versions for IBM PS/2s may be SCO's ODT or something similar
   from a joint development between IBM and SCO.

Mark Kosten (who denies having written the above)

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