Help needed with PCI (AIX-Access for DOS users) printing

Help needed with PCI (AIX-Access for DOS users) printing

Post by Fred Huc » Wed, 18 Sep 1991 20:48:59

Hello netters!

I have a big problem...
We are using PCI to access and share AIX partitions from DOS.
On the DOS side we use PC-Interface V.3.1.1 from Locus Comp., on the
AIX side 3005 is running. We are not able to print from DOS side.
After assigning LPT1 to a AIX print queue via the DOS "printer" command
and executing dir > lpt1 (or dir > prn) in DOS for a short time a file
named /tmp/pci[some characters] appeares on the AIX side, but nothing else

Desperately seeking for any help...

P.S. We also have PCI for another Unix host (HP9000/834) where printing works
     without problems.

P.P.S. Anybody knows how to start debugging in PCI? When I change the -D0
       to -DFFFF in /etc/rc.pci, the processes
       /usr/pci/bin/pciconsvr.ip and
       /usr/pci/bin/pcimapsvr.ip are logging to the appropiate files, but
       the pcidossvr is started with -D0 and so don't logs. So I can not
       log the printing process.

Fred Hucht, Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Duisburg, Germany


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If this is not the correct news group, please let
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Thank you.

Pat King

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