No volume groups were found on any configured disks

No volume groups were found on any configured disks

Post by Rob Navarr » Mon, 05 Aug 2002 21:04:59

Thanks for your suggestion Edmund.

The error message I reported came from the attempt to boot from CD. The
odd thing was that the SMS boot screen reported the disks "present" but
then the standalone CD boot process reported them absent.

I have since made progress on this matter and suspect it to have been a
failing power supply problem. I believe the 554 code to be bogus, there
was no file system problem, it was just not getting access to the rootvg
disks after thinking it should - failing to spin up both disks within

Repeatedly trying to boot would occasionally result in a successful
boot, followed by a random power down. Disconnecting a tape device
resulted in a successfully booting system. The "root" login then
received an email complaining that the power supply was faulty.

Now I just have to track down a 2nd hand F40 power supply...



1. No volume groups were found on any configured disks

Hi Folks,

Our trusty F40 recently crashed, failed in its attempt to crash dump,
and has never since been able to boot. Trying to boot from CD always
results in the message:
 Error Warning
There are no disks available on this system.

just when you are supposed to pick a disk that holds rootvg.

Can any kind soul advise me on how to get rootvg on hdisk0 visible

Thanking you in advance,


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