ftp wellcome message

ftp wellcome message

Post by Dennis Smi » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00

> Date: 22 Oct 1998 06:33:45 GMT
> Subject: ftp wellcome message

> Hello all,

>         In AIX, where should I place the ftp wellcome message? I have tried to
>    place in /etc/ftpwelcome, but this doesn't work..

> Thank a lots!
> Henry Chui


  The Message Facility consists of standard defined (X/Open)
  subroutines, commands, and value-added extensions to support
  externalized message catalogs. These catalogs are used by an
  application to retrieve and display messages, as needed. The
  following Message Facility commands create message catalogs and
  display their contents:

  dspcat    Displays all or part of a message catalog.

  dspmsg    Displays a selected message from a message catalog.

  gencat    Creates and modifies a message catalog.

  mkcatdefs     Preprocesses a message source file for input to the
  gencat command.

  runcat    Pipes output from the mkcatdefs command to the gencat

  For more information about the Message Facility, see "Message
  Facility Overview for System Management".

ftp.cat is located in the following directory

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