High-speed modem at built-in serial port (RS/6000)

High-speed modem at built-in serial port (RS/6000)

Post by Mel Beckm » Tue, 01 Sep 1992 07:33:44

Quote:> Exactly what settings would you alter in SMIT regarding line settings
> for use with a modem?

I'm on the road right now and can't get to an RS/6000, but in SMIT's device
definition function for TTY devices you can specify a whole host of parameters.
If I had access to SMIT, I could jog my memory for suggestions. But you'd
do well to read up on the TTY parms anyway.  I'll be back in my office in
about ten days.



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1. High-speed modem at built-in serial port (RS/6000)

I just connected two different modems (ZyXEL 1496E and Trailblazer T2000) to
an RS520 and encountered the following problems:

1. Character loss
When connecting the modem at 9600 or 19200 Bits/s, I get lots of character
loss. The error-report tells me to reduce load (isn't too high) or choose a
lower baud rate (9600 isn't too high, either). Is this normal?
By the way, I've set up the modems for hardware handshaking, so why doesn't
the RS/6000 just tell the modem to stop sending when it can't take the stuff
from the line?
A slip connection at 19200 over the same line, modem etc. doesn't produce
this problem. Why?

2. DCD Handling
There is only one device (/dev/tty1 in my case) which doesn't allow me to dial
out until CD is high. So I told the modem to keep CD up all the time, but I
do not get disconnected from cu when carrier drops.
I'd like the CD line to be up only when carrier is detected and still be able
to dial out?

If 1. is a unsolvable problem, how are the experiences with intelligent
serial adapters.

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