Setting Up Ethernet adapter in AIX 4.2

Setting Up Ethernet adapter in AIX 4.2

Post by David Armstron » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00

We have an RS6000 F50 server with 2 ethernet 10BaseT NICs. One is set to our
Class A network in house. The other has never been configured until today. I
set it to a Class C address to allow users to access it trhough the Internet
(We have a Cisco router on that same Class C subnet). From the server I can
ping the router. From the router I can't ping the server. I also can't ping
the server's ip address from the server (server can't ping itself).

What needs to be set up on the server to configure a NIC? I've set up the ip
address, subnet mask, NIC state (up), ARP (uses ARP). I even tried setting
up a broadcast address (same address as NIC).

I'm wondering if a gateway needs to be set up? That seems to me it shouldn't
matter between two addresses on the same subnet though.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

David Armstrong


1. PCI to PCMCIA adaptor causing lock-ups (4.2)

A clarificationon a previous message.

Installation of FreeBSD proceeds normally until the reboot. Then the system
completly locks up usually after the parallel port is initiated. (I'm
guessing at this one). If I remove the adapter everything appears fine. I've
double checked the BIOS (doesn't have the PnP selection) and manually tried
reserving IRQ's through the BIOS with no luck.

I can sometimes get to the login prompt and login, but it usually dies
within seconds after that. Nothing appears in any of the logs and I can't
figure out how to put the kernel into debug mode since I'm not using a boot

Can anyone help...?!?!?!  I really would like to get it working since I
would like to use my WaveLAN card. Otherwise I guess it's back to Linux
(where BTW it all works fine).


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