Need subroutine to return full file path name

Need subroutine to return full file path name

Post by Steve Rosem » Wed, 21 Feb 1990 06:09:57

        I need to find out the full path name of a file from a full or partial
name entered by the user, so other users can access the file (assuming
proper permissions, etc.)

        For example, a user currently in /u/mydir/sub:

        input:  test.c                  output: /u/mydir/sub/test.c
        input:  /u/frog                 output: /u/frog
        input:  ../filename             output: /u/mydir/filename

        SUN OS has a routine realpath(3), but that doesn't do very much good
with AIX 2.2.1.  I have looked through the AIX OS Tech Ref manual, but can't
find anything.  If anyone has a lead, or a routine, I would appreciate not
having to write it myself.


Steve Roseman
Lehigh University Computing Center


1. Extracting full path name from ~user/path

Environment SunOS 4.1.1 on Sun Sparcstation

Is there a system function from which I can get a full path name from a ~user/pathname ?
  eg.     full_path = some_function("~user/pathname");
           /* returns a pointer to a char string /home/user/pathname */

Please email your responses.  I am not a regular reader of this newsgroup.
Thank you.
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