trailer sheet

trailer sheet

Post by Benjamin D. Damo » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

After all print jobs a page prints with " in; " on it.  Is there a way to
stop this page?

trailer sheet

Post by LAIX Software Consultin » Fri, 12 May 2000 04:00:00

Try using lsvirprt and examine the cr attribute - the contents of cr are send
to the printer following each job, sending any sequence to reset the
printer.  Perhaps something has been added to the cr attribute.  Is it all
jobs,  or all jobs coming out of one application?


> After all print jobs a page prints with " in; " on it.  Is there a way to
> stop this page?
> Thanks,
> Ben


1. Default header/trailer for each HTML file with Apache?


I am wondering, how to configure the Apache server, if I want to
add a default header and trailer to each HTML file?

It would be nice to have some navigation buttons and a corporate
identity look at each page.

One way would be to add this header and trailer to each file phy-
sically by an program. But this is not a flexible way, and space
is wasted, when one has a lot of pages.

One other way would be to use the SPML/server side include fea-
ture. But you need in each HTML file a SPML/SSI command. The ser-
ver has to parse each HTML file for this command. This is very

Is there another way?

Cheers, Achim

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