BOS in 5 disks?

BOS in 5 disks?

Post by Chris » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 23:26:32

i installed 5.1 from just the first disk and the other four were not
requested. the docs evidently reside on yet another disk, one that i
don't have ...
so what are the other 4 of 5 BOS disks for!?
(i could look at the package details but just looking for the 'big

- chris


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I have installed AIX v4.1.5 from scratch.

1) When I run cfgmgr, I get the following message :
cfgmgr: 0514-621  WARNING: The following device packages are required
for device support but are not currently installed.

2) I fail in installing some other packages due to not installed
prerequisites packages :
bos.rte.tmp and bot.txt.tfs

I would like to install these missing packages, if I knew where to find
them. I
cannot find them on any of the CD's that got delivered with my AIX v4.1.5
installation box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

TIA, Bruno Misseeuw,

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