Problem with IBM 7137 RAID Storage drive replacement

Problem with IBM 7137 RAID Storage drive replacement

Post by Guy » Sat, 27 Apr 2002 01:42:08

Does anyone have any info on the IBM 7137 Storage system?

I have a drive that failed.  I have tried 3 differnt drives.
All IBM DFHS-SW4 drives, but when the 7137 trys to reconfigure and add the
drive I get a DA Error (unable to communicate with drive) or a DC Error
(Wrong Drive Capacity).

I need better documentation.

The 7137 has a key pad. You enter a four digit code and it adds the drive
back to the RAID Array.  Mine have all failed at 90% or 14%.

I would love to get a good set of commands and codes.

Thanks for the help if you can!


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We are getting two errors on our RAID 7137 unit:

Error Code: 7950  and Error Code: 7957

Diagnostics via smit refer to a failed drive/drive electronics.

We have tried replacing the failed drive.  

Does anyone know what these codes refer to??

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