IBM 4029 printer on RS/6000

IBM 4029 printer on RS/6000

Post by James N » Fri, 08 Nov 1991 06:31:38

Has anyone successfully added an IBM 4029 printer to their RS/6000?
I copied the 4029 files off the Supplemental Utilities diskette that came
with the 4029 into /usr/lpd/pio/predef and chmod'd the files as instructed.

Then, I got the printer device configured as opp (other parallel printer).
When I go to make a virtual printer though, I can select the
IBM 4029 LaserPrinter from the menu, get the question on Header
pages wanted (n), and Trailer pages (n).  Then I get the following:

NOTE:   The 4029 printer supports multiple print data streams.
        Each of the data streams will now be configured individually.
0782-302 Cannot open file for customized attributes.
           The file name is
           The errno (error number) from the open system call is 0
         Check the error number.

Anyone have an idea of what's wrong?  


James Nau

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