CICS on RISC/6000

CICS on RISC/6000

Post by Nick Russe » Wed, 17 Feb 1993 08:36:52

Has anyone out there used CICS/6000?

Is it any good?, Which RDBMS is used to port DB2?, How is performance?
What sort of effort is required to port a COBOL/DB2/CICS application?

Any info, experiences anyone has would be very interesting.



1. Distributed CICS (formerly CICS/6000)???

Hi Folks:

I heard a rumor that IBM is dropping support for Distributed CICS,
but I have not seen it in any headlines; nor could I find any
mention of that in IBM web pages at ->

Has anyone else heard rumblings about this, or is it all FUD?


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