snftobdf help!

snftobdf help!

Post by Bob_Wi » Sun, 03 Nov 1991 15:25:21

Howdy friendly netlanders....

Wanting to get InfoExplorer working under X11R5...

I grabbed the bdftools stuff off of uunet, and have
never gotten it to compile!  It appears to depend on
an include file bdftosnf.h which is not in the X11R5
distribution.  I happen to have NCD xterminals here,
an lo! there was a bdftosnf.h file on the NCD tape
(presumeably X11R4 stuff).  Do I have to have an X11R4
distribution to get the font converter to build? Argh.

I'm using snftobdf-1.4.  Is this hopelessly old?




snftobdf help!

Post by Charles Hann » Mon, 04 Nov 1991 10:37:04

Quote:> I'm using snftobdf-1.4.  Is this hopelessly old?

The snftobdf on the MIT contrib tapes builds and works just fine.


1. Is snftobdf available for RS/6000 ?

We're experimenting with DesqView/X on a PC, as an alternative
to dedicated X-terminals.  DV/X requires that server fonts reside
on the PC, however, in its own version of .snf; the standard X11
fonts are distributed with DV/X (at least the 75dpi and 100dpi),
but our RS/6000 aixwindow defaults call for the IBM fonts, which
were supplied only in the .snf form (by IBM, of course).

I know that there was a "snftobdf" supplied with MIT's X11R4
distribution.  Has anyone used this on the RS/6000s, successfully?
And if so, is there anywhere that we can get a suitable version
of snftobdf without having to transport all of the X11R4 package
over the net and then dig out the needed pieces?

Thanks, in advance.


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