artic960HX + SDLC

artic960HX + SDLC

Post by Mike Laytha » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to configure the ARTIC960HX adapter for a 'pure sdlc
Not sdlc over X25. However I am having problems configuring one of the 4
ports as a point to point connection. The system will only allow me to
configure the card for X25 connectivity ie:-

Manage ports asks for NUA address etc, which isn't utilised for a SDLC

Has anyone any experience of installaing/configuring one of these cards on
AIX 4.2.1

any help would be appreciated


Mike Laytham


artic960HX + SDLC

Post by Paul Landa » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Here is what I do on aix 4.3:

1) Get the latest 'devices.artic960.rte' driver

2) Get the latest 'devices.common.IBM.hdlc.*' and
   'devices.pci.14108c00.rte' code

3) Unconfigure any X.25 device drivers that are on riciop0.
   The AIXLink/X.25 code and the hdlc code can't both use
   the adapter at the same time.

4) Use the following smit panels:
     smitty commodev
       IBM ARTIC960HX PCI Adapter
           Manage Device Drivers
             Manage MPQP COMIO Emulation Device Driver
               Add a device driver
   This should add the 'tsdX' device as a child of
   the riciop0 device (as displayed by 'lsdev -C').
               Manager MPQP COMIO Emulation Ports
                 Add a Port
   This should add the 'mpqY' device as a child of
   the tsdX device (as displayed by 'lsdev -C').
   Note that X and Y will probably be both be 0
   (i.e. tsd0 and mpq0), but don't have to be the same.

5) Configure your communications software to talk to mpqX.
   Note that if you are using Communications Server for AIX
   you will also need to install the 'bos.dlc.sdlc' code.

Paul Landay


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