The ioctl SIOCSNETOPT system call failed

The ioctl SIOCSNETOPT system call failed

Post by Ed Wilso » Fri, 19 Jul 2002 21:36:23

I need help.  As far as I know, no changes were made to our Control
Workstation with AIX  After a reboot, we started getting errors
when the system restarted.  "The ioctl SIOCSNETOPT system call failed".
Followed by "The sdr system failed to start".  Once the system comes up, it
does not know its hostname.  I've gone into smit and changed the hostname.
I've also used mktcpip to make the changes.  Everytime I reboot, it forgets
its hostname, and the above errors appear on reboot.  Does anyone have any



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1. ioctl call fails when not on virtual terminal - help!

I've got a program that makes some ioctl calls to the serial driver to
check the line status register.

This program runs *FINE* if run while logged in on a virtual terminal.
Yes, I'm logged on as root when I run it.

This program fails if run from a shell via telnet.  Specifically, the
icotl call returns -1 and errno is "I/O Error" - ie, the call to check
the LSR fails.  I log in remotely as myself then su to root to run the

This program fails the same way if it is started on boot from rc.local.

The only way I can successfully run the program is to log on to a
local virtual terminal and run it.  Considering this is a remote
gateway application machine that has to run on a mountain (away from
humans) this is not acceptable.

I'm suspecting this has something to do with the controlling terminal,
but I'm not sure.  But *why*???  I can't see how they are related, but
they evidently are.

Anyone have a clue?  Help would be most appreciated!!!

OBTW:  system is linux 2.0.23

Greg Herlein
Vallejo, CA

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