3c523 ethernet board installation

3c523 ethernet board installation

Post by Antonio Querub » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 10:51:33

I understand that AIX PS/2 supports the 3c523 ethernet board.  We just got
one of these things and I'm not sure how it's supposed to be configured into
the system.  Other than running the devices command and rebuilding a new
kernel what else needs to be done?  Is there any special device driver file
that needs to be installed?  Also, the devices command refers to it as
ethernet0, but all the sample files I've seen to install tcp/ip refer to net0
as the interface.  Am I missing something here?  Is there any README
installation file for the 3c523 for AIX?  The board came with nothing but
drivers for DOS/Novell.

Antonio Querubin  


3c523 ethernet board installation

Post by Bjorn Engs » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 17:55:05

|I understand that AIX PS/2 supports the 3c523 ethernet board.
If you AIX version is 1.2.1, the code in /usr/nifl/3com should be installed
as described in the README file there.  If you are on AIX 1.2, the code is
also there, but it does not work.
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1. PS/2 AIX and 3Com 3c523 ethernet board

I've been trying to install version 1.2.1 of AIX for the PS/2 on a model
80 with a 3Com 3c523 ethernet board and haven't been able to get TCP/IP
work.  I installed TCP/IP following the instructions in the manual,
then installed the 3c523 driver in /usr/nifl/3com (following the
instructions in the README file).  Everything appears to install
correctly, but it doesn't work when I reboot.

I am able to ping using the loopback connection or my local ethernet
address, but can't get to anything on the network.  Also, I'm getting
a bunch of messages saying:

   kernel: elmcrint: bad LLC control field 0

in /usr/adm/messages.

Has anyone been able to get this combination to work correctly with
version 1.2.1?

Thanks in advance...

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