High Performance Disk Subsystem

High Performance Disk Subsystem

Post by Scott Ho » Fri, 08 May 1992 06:37:30

We are currently using a 950 to provide (Oracle) database service for a small
demand application. However, in the near future, we will be adding other
applications which will present significant user load. In order to handle this
load, I would like to consider either the purchase of additional SCSI
interfaces (all our disks are on one SCSI) or a couple of 9333 Disk Subsystems.

My questions are this - has anyone had experience moving from SCSI to the
9333 and if so, what kind of performance changes did you notice? Were they
what you expected?  I am trying to get a feel for which will give the better
price/performance - adding a couple of more SCSI channels, or replacing our
current SCSI disks with the Serial subsystem.

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1. Tuning Linux for high-speed disk subsystems

Eh, we do 60-70 MB/s reads and 110-120 MB/s writes on our RAIDs... from

I'd say you should get rid of your compaq raid controller and use a
regular SCSI-controller - 66Mhz 64 bit. (e.g. an adaptec)

Ragnar Kj?rstad
Big Storage
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