RS6000 43P/132 -- New SCSI controller (Adaptec..? NCR...?)

RS6000 43P/132 -- New SCSI controller (Adaptec..? NCR...?)

Post by Duane Smit » Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hi.  I have an RS6000 43P-132 here, and I am looking for a new scsi
card for it.  This machine is PCI based, and I was wondering if there
is a chance I can get a 2940UW, 3940UW, or maybe on of the
NCR8xx-based controllers to work in it??  Does AIX include any drivers
for these cards (4.3.3 update4, FYI) ??



1. 7248-132 (43P-132) <-- Is it worth a processor upgrade ??

I have heard that there's a processor upgrade for the 43P-132.
Something to take it to 166 MHz (604e) or something.  Anyone out there
have any experiance with that??  Is it worth it?  Any idea what it
costs (I know, I know, go ask a vendor) ??


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