How do I unmount /usr?

How do I unmount /usr?

Post by Ed Rav » Thu, 25 Apr 1991 00:14:31

Ye gods and little fishes!  Even the simplest things don't work
sometimes.  Here I am, trying to reconfigure the /usr filesystem
on my RS/6000 Power?Server 520 and AIX 3.1.5 freshly re-installed...

# init 0
# ps -ef
 [ps shows exactly three processes -- ksh, init, and ps]
# pwd
# unmount /usr
/dev/hd2 : device busy

I also tried this under sh instead of ksh, in case ksh was checking
MAILPATH or some such silly thing.  No luck.

What do I have to do to unmount /usr, say "swordfish" somewhere?  It's
about the only thing I haven't tried.
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How do I unmount /usr?

Post by Thomas Y. L » Fri, 26 Apr 1991 01:37:21

>What do I have to do to unmount /usr, say "swordfish" somewhere?  It's
>about the only thing I haven't tried.

You will have to be in maintenance mode.


1. libc5->glibc2... now can't unmount /usr

When I upgraded my system from libc5 to glibc, I had this problem whenever
/etc/rc.d/rc.6 tried to umount /usr:  /usr wouldn't get unmounted, because
it was busy.  The reason is this.  In the glibc upgrade guide, it said to

* create a directory for the libc-5 libraries
        mkdir /usr/i586-linuxlibc5/lib

The problem is that since I just recently upgraded from libc5 -> glibc2,
the umount command, and some other commands in the shutdown script are
still linked to libc5.  But, the old shared libs, now in
/usr/i586-linuxlibc5/lib, are on the /usr partition.  That's why I
couldn't unmount /usr.  

The obvious solution would be to replace all the important system admin.
commands with glibc2 versions, but I don't know if that's an effecient
solution.  My solution was to just create a symlink like this:

# ls -l /usr/i586-linuxlibc5/lib
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root    root    5 May  4 13:03 /usr/i586-linuxlibc5/lib
-> /lib//

So, I'm just leaving the old libs in /lib, but I'll just fool the linker
by creating the symlink instead of actually putting them there.  I don't
think it's hurting anything, plus I moved all the other headers, gcc-lib
stuff etc. to the right places according to the docs.

So does gcc -b i586-linuxlibc5 need to look in /usr/i586-linuxlibc5/lib
for compiling, or is this just to keep the libs separate?  If I put the
libs on the /usr partition by creating an actual directory (not symlink),
then the shutdown script, which is linked to shared libs on /usr, can't
unmount /usr.

All this trouble is because my major commands are still linked with libc5.
Anyone want to comment on how they handled this?



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