connecting RS6000 to IBM mainframe

connecting RS6000 to IBM mainframe

Post by Neil Lindsay Harp » Tue, 02 Feb 1993 12:12:18

I'm connecting to a mainframe from our rs6000 using smit and hcon and the
application programing interface. I'm using api/3270 so that from the
rs6000 I can logon to an IMS session and send and recieve data to and from
the screen.

So, I start a session, lets call it "b" using the e789 b command.
Then from my C program I link into that session and send characters at it.

This works fine.

But what if I want several users to link into this same session.

I could create a new session for each user each time they want to do somthing
on the mainframe. However the login and getting to the particular application
on the mainframe that I want to get to can be very time consuming.

The ideal solution would to have the one session that is always logged
into the application. When ever a user wants to do somthing they just
link into that session.

Basically, what I want to know is if multiple users can link into the same
hcon session and if so how do you do it ????


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hello fellow netters,

we need to know if anyone has connected their RS/6000 to an IBM mainframe
using AIX 3270 Host Connection Program.
if so, what kind of problems did you have?
what problems still exist with it?

we would also like to here from the successful people too.



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