ftp - no files listing

ftp - no files listing

Post by Claus Larse » Sat, 10 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I'm having some problem with the ftpd setup on a machine running aix
When I make a ftp connection from another aix machine there's no
problems, but when I use other ftp client e.g. a browser no files is
I've setup a anonymous ftp which is working fine, the files is listed.
But for all normal users no files is listed when using ftp. I know it
something to do with the LIST / NLIST ftp command and the ls command,
but I've the same setup (or so I belive) on another aix machine where
it's working fine.
Another thing. When connecting with a client whichs doesn't show any
files, I'm able to go to all the directories I want, e.g. connecting to
the server and jump right into the /home/ directory, but still no files
is listed.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Claus Larsen

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