Oracle 8i/9i on R40?

Oracle 8i/9i on R40?

Post by Dann » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 17:46:14

Any comments on running Oracle8i/9i on a R40? We recently inherited an old
R40 to host our development webapps and I was wondering if it was sufficient
in handling the Oracle load. It has 4 cpu's (I believe its 200mhz each),
640mb RAM, and about 4 gigs  hard drive. I'd appreciate any comments on
this. Please remove no.spam from my address when replying. Thanks!



Oracle 8i/9i on R40?

Post by The Leprecha » Tue, 09 Apr 2002 19:21:11

An R40 uses 112 MHz CPUS
You could have an R40 that was upgraded to an R50 which would have 200

Working on the basis that is 112 MHz with 640tMB memory and oracle 8i.


You need 64MB for AIX and 64MB for Oracle and then approx 16MB per
user.....that allows for 32 users comfortably

You need about 45 TPM per user and the box will give you about 3200
TPM...........therefor 71 users

In simple terms you have a box that will handle between 30 and 50
power users..........if they are only light users you may quintuple
that number.