Using a 1.2M 5.25" floppy drive with AIX/PS2 and DOS Merge

Using a 1.2M 5.25" floppy drive with AIX/PS2 and DOS Merge

Post by Eliot L » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 21:25:00

I'm trying to get AIX/PS2 to talk to a 4869 1.2M 5.25 inch floppy disk
drive.  The word from IBM is that this device is not supported.  I
pursued this a bit further, asking if the device could be directly
attached to DOS Merge (where it would be put to use most anyway) since
I have device drivers for it in DOS.  I was told to make an entry to the
dosdev file and after that I was able to get DOS Merge to talk to the
drive.  However, I am unable to read or write to it.  Symptoms include
messages like "Divide overflow", "File allocation table bad" (or something
like that) and a total hang of AIX.  Since IBM does not officially
support this, I'm turning to the net for help.  It seems like I'm getting
real close to getting it to work but need to tweak a little bit more.
Anybody (Locus?) have any tips?

Thanks in advance.

Eliot Lim
University of Washington.


1. Problems reading 5.25" floppy drive under linux 2.0.29


  I'm trying to use an old 360K floppy drive on my machine but I can't
get Linux to read it. I have a DOS partition and when I boot in DOS I
can read and write to the drive no worries. But when I run linux I can't
read OR write to it. It's rather annoying.
  Here's the error messages I'm getting:

# mdir a:
read: I/O error
init A: could not read boot sector
Cannot initialize 'A:'

  I have tried changing the listing in mtools.conf; I have used fd0,
fd0d360, fd0h360, no success.

  I have tried using setfdprm to force the drive to use specific
parameters, no luck. I tried one of the values in the fdprm file,

360/360          720     9   2  40    0 0x2A 0x02 0xDF     0x50

No luck. I tried using custom settings (I didn't know the last five
values in the row so I copied them from the 360/360 entry):

180/180         360     8    2  40    0 0x2A 0x02 0xDF     0x50

I'm stuck. Can anybody offer any suggestions as to what I can do here?
Below are the specs of the drive taken from the manual:

Tracks: 40
Sectors/track: 8
Bytes/track: 4096
Bytes/sector: 512




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