Will Model 980 run 3.2.2?

Will Model 980 run 3.2.2?

Post by Stephen G. Rosem » Wed, 28 Oct 1992 22:20:30

Just a simple question for the insiders:

We are getting our spankin' new 980 this week to replace an old 950 running
3.2.2.  Will I be able to take a mksysb dump from the 950 and install it on
the 980, or will I be forced to upgrade the 950 to 3.2.3 first?

The 980 does have some of the newest hardware, like SCSI-2 adapters, 2.4GB
SCSI-2 disk drives, and 5.0 GB 8-mm tape.

I don't really want to come in to work to do an upgrade this weekend...


Steve Roseman
Lehigh University Computing Center