Need Advice!

Need Advice!

Post by Joe Kali » Tue, 23 Nov 1999 04:00:00

What is the fastest and cost effective way to learn about the IBM
RS/6000 along with learning AIX........I guess the thing that I'm
looking for are specific book titles that I can order and use for
references.........The books that came with the system are far too
technical for my liking.....
Please help me to become an advanced user of our new system.....


1. need advice needed on partioning

I have a 2GB partition that I am upgrading my system with. When I first
setup Linux years ago I was new to Unix and so I put everything in one
big partition in /   Now I know that's a bad idea.
I intend to split up the 2GB as follows
/     100MB
/usr  800MB or 900MB
/var  100MB
/home 800MB
/tmp  100GB
Swap will be on another drive/partition
The machine is my home PC and Linux is now the primary OS.  MSWindows
has been relegated to online banking and games.  Are these reasonable
numbers or am I missing something?  What kind of numbers do you guys
have for your drives?  The distribution I have is Debian and the kernel
is v2.0.33


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