RS/6000->AS/400, via SNA

RS/6000->AS/400, via SNA

Post by Mike Gibli » Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I am looking for some software to enable me to establish a 5250 session
on a remote(via SDLC SNA) AS/400 from my RS/6000. I have made the
physical connection between the two using Comm Server, now need
interactive access via 5250 applet of some sort. Any tips or leads would
be appreciated. Note: IBM no longer sells/supports Connection/400
product and all other products are TCP/IP based and will not support

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Anyone know of software I can load/run on my RS/6000 (currently running AIX
3.2.5 -- going to AIX 4.3 in a few months, but need to access AS/400 now) that
will allow my RS/6000 dumb terminal users to log on to the AS/400? I know IBM
use to offer such software a long time ag ("AS/400 Connectivty Package" or
something like that), but that was back in the bad old days for TCP/IP support
on the AS/400, I assume/hope it is much better now and such elaborate software
isn't needed on the RS/6000 to give me easy/good 5250 emulation on the RS/6000.

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