Leading "X" in SCSI Address

Leading "X" in SCSI Address

Post by Bill Gom » Fri, 29 Mar 2002 03:11:10

Has anyone ever seen a leading "X" before in a SCSI address?
rmt0           Available 00-07-A1-0,0 5.0 GB 8mm Tape Drive
rmt1           Available 00-07-A1-1,0 5.0 GB 8mm Tape Drive
rmt2           Available X0-04-00-4,0 Differential SCSI 8mm Tape Drive

This is a IBM 7208 model 341 20GB External 8mm tape drive attached to
a 4024 SCSI card.

There is no problems with using rmt2 for tar or cpio but it can not be
used in an application and I think that it might be because of the
leading "X" in the address. I might be wrong.

So if someone knows what this mean please let me know.

Bill Gomez


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   Thanks for the clarifying article, but you got this one wrong.

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