Problem with IBM and FTPInc.'s NFS packages

Problem with IBM and FTPInc.'s NFS packages

Post by Daniel P. Barr » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 22:11:00

Hello folks.

I'm running AIX 2.2.1 on an RT.  I've got FTP, Inc.'s TCP/IP and
Interdrive, their NFS client software.  Everything seems to be
working well with the RT as server and PC as client.

The problem I have is that if I try to limit access by putting
specific hostnames after the filesystem entries in /etc/exports
I can no longer mount the file system.  I get a "Mount Acces Denied"
error.  The error disappears if I remove the hostname from exports
and leave the filesystem accessible by everyone.

Obviously I am very interested in limiting access to specific hosts.
Can anyone tell me what's wrong?  Has anyone been successful with
this combination?  I'm not even sure who's problem it is, FTP's or

I would prefer E-mail and I'll summarize.

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1. IBM's graPHIGS package, problem with GPNBS, any hint?

Hi Everybody!

I have a problem with IBM RS/6000 graPHIGS library and the GPNBS call.

Simply said: The above call inserts the corresponding element into the
structure store, but I don't see nothing on the screen!

I checked whether the currently open workstation supports non-uniform B-spline
surfaces (it does), what the maximum order is (6, I only use 2x3 and sometimes
3x3), so that I'm sure, this primitive is available.

Before inserting the GPNBS I inserted "pfill_area_set3" using the ISO C
Binding provided under /usr/lpp/graPHIGS/samples/cbinding, so that I can use
mixed calls for those routines that are currently not supported in ISO C
Binding form.  This fill_area_set3 is properly drawn, so that I'm sure the
workstation is opened correctly. The data I supply for the B-spline surface is
OK, as I am also using libphigs.a (producing PEX calls) on the IBM and on Sun
workstations with X11R5 by MIT. With these libraries I see my surface!

I never use trimcurves, so I don't use GPTNBS.

Here is the call:
#if defined( AIXV3 ) && defined( USE_GRAPHIGS )
   GPNBS( (Pint)2, (Pint)3, uknots.num_floats - 2, vknots.num_floats - 3,
          uknots.floats, vknots.floats, 0, 0, 0, 1, 4, grid.points.point4d,
          uknots.floats[0], uknots.floats[uknots.num_floats - 1],
          vknots.floats[0], vknots.floats[vknots.num_floats - 1] );
   pnuni_bsp_surf( (Pint)2, (Pint)3, &uknots, &vknots, PRATIONAL, &grid,
                   (Pint) 0, (Ptrimcurve_list *) 0 );

Any hint is highly appreciated!


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