RS/6000 remote printing to numeric remote queue

RS/6000 remote printing to numeric remote queue

Post by Dale Hubl » Thu, 18 Oct 1990 00:01:14

      I am trying to set up some RS/6000's for remote printing via
a mainframe running UTS.  I can use smit to set up all the printers
except an IBM 3800.  The problem with the 3800 seems to be that the
remote queue (rq = 3800) is numeric rather than starting with some
alpha character.  SMIT fails when I try to change the remote queue
name to 3800.  I have manually editted the /usr/lpd/qconfig and
/usr/lpd/qadm.config files.  When I try to create the binary (qconfig.bin)
with "enq -q" I get a message from /usr/lpd/digest

Quote:> error in config file /usr/lpd/qadm.config, line 82
> illegal value `3800'
> Error from digestor /usr/lpd/digest, status = -1024, rv = 4118

     Is there any way to print to this device other than having
the mainframe group add a special queue just for the RS/6000.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Dale Hubler



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