can i use 64K modem for IBM 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter (331121b9)?

can i use 64K modem for IBM 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter (331121b9)?

Post by Kevin Hs » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 15:01:00

We have a R6 using SDLC to connect HOST With Modem 28.8K

Can we change the modem to 64k?
i have check the user's Guide!

it says  (copy from user's guide)
Technical Data
 PCI bus compatible (32-bit slot)
 Hitachi 64570 HDLC controller at 10 MHz
 512 KB of DRAM

Hardware Installation
 Automatic configuration of interrupt request level setting and memory
 32-bit memory access
 External Interface
 Two 36-pin female VHSI ports connect to 36-pin high-density male connectors
 Support for V.24/EIA-232, V.35, and V.36/EIA-449
 X.21 with V.11 (X.27) signalling
 External clocking

 2 Mbps full duplex per physical port
 Power Requirements

Does it mean .... i can use the 64k modem?


can i use 64K modem for IBM 2-Port Multiprotocol Adapter (331121b9)?

Post by Paul Landa » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 21:00:05

What physical interface do you use?
I know V.35 can do 64Kbps, but the
V.24/EIA-232 standard does not go that high.
For X.21 and V.36 you could check the
IEEE or ISO web pages to see what the
standards say.

How long is the cable from the adapter to the modem?
Longer cables (and poorly shielded cables) can
have signal loss and noise problems which mean
they don't run well at higher speeds.

Paul Landay


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