How to create a new locale on AIX 3.2 ?

How to create a new locale on AIX 3.2 ?

Post by Chong Chiah J » Sat, 21 Mar 1992 18:10:04

   Has anobody tried to create a new locale on AIX3.2? What are the files
I need to create beside the charmap file(under /usr/lib/nls/charmap) and
the source file(under /usr/lib/nls/loc)?

   I need to create a new locale for Simplified Chinese, which is DBCS. Is it
possible to create the locale without specifying the input method?
I consider to bring the locale up first without worrying the input method.

   I tried to modify the Japanese locale, which is the only DBCS locale
provided. But when I compile using localedef, I have lots of the following

localedef [WARNING]: FILE: /usr/lib/nls/charmap/GB-2312, LINE: 261, CHAR: 1
Illegal character, 'a', in input file.  Character will be ignored.

  I guess the localedef check some invalid code range according to IBM-932
code, though I have modified the "base names" fields in the charmap according
to GB-2312 code. The GB-2312 charmap file is modified from IBM-932 charmap
file. Scan through the IBM-932 charmap file, I don't think there are lines
which state the IBM-932 valid code range. For example, 7f is the invalid
second byte. So, my question is, where do I specify the valid code range
for a code standard(for example, GB-2312), if there exists?


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