B/FS: 7011-220 FS in Germany

B/FS: 7011-220 FS in Germany

Post by ps.. » Wed, 05 Jul 2000 04:00:00

For sale:

RS/6000 Workstations:
2x IBM 7011-220, 16MB resp. 32MB, 1GB HD, no mca extensions for sale
   (2xS, 1xP, 1x AUI Ethernet, 1x SCSI external on board)
   (location: 69469 weinheim, germany)

1x IBM Terminal (serial)

1x IBM QIC-24(?) streamer (150MB) for above  incl. cable

2x IBM "3-1" Multi-Serial-rs232 MCA extension for all RS/6000 MCA machines

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Installing AIX 4.3.2 on a 7011-220 requires fileset
devices.sys.sga for support of its graphics adapter.

This fileset seems to be missing from the 4.3.2 CDs.

The 4.1.1 devices.sys.sga does install with 4.3.2, but
the monitor stays black. Any ideas? The 4.3 release
notes say that 7011-2xx models are supported.

Sincerely,  Michael Fink
University of Innsbruck, Computing Services

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