Xlf 2.2 problem with Aix 3.2.1

Xlf 2.2 problem with Aix 3.2.1

Post by Ronald Aar » Tue, 10 Nov 1992 19:29:54

I have a problem with the xlf 2.2 compiler since I updated from Aix 3.1.5 to
3.2.1. After the update I installed the compiler, but now I get a warning
every time I invoke it:

Quote:> Error occurred while initializing the message system in file: xlfsmsg.cat
> Error occurred while initializing the message system in file: xlfmsg.cat

Nevertheless, all messages are displayed correctly. A similar message is
shown when a compiled Fortran-program issues a message.

My message files are in ($LANG=C)
  /usr/lpp/xlf/bin/default_msg    (dated: Aug 12 1991)
  /usr/lpp/msg/En_US              (dated: Aug 09 1991)

I found symbolic links in:

Just one example:
       /usr/lib/nls/msg/C/xlfmsg.cat -> /usr/lpp/xlf/bin/default_msg/xlfmsg.cat
       /usr/lpp/msg/C/xlfmsg.cat -> /usr/lpp/xlf/bin/default_msg/xlfmsg.cat
       /usr/lpp/msg/prime/xlfmsg.cat -> /usr/lpp/msg/En_US/xlfmsg.cat

All files are world-readable. So what else could be wrong ???
Thanks for any hints.

Ronald Aarts

Physics Department, P.O. Box 513,   |    Phone: +.31.40.474213
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The second bug is more serious and I do not have a work around yet.
Attempting to open /dev/tty for input fails.

This is a fragment:
101     format(' Enter DTHET,DPHI,DPSI,DU0,DV0,DSU,DSV')

        The read always goes to 301.  It doesn't wait for keyboard input.
The problem is in the 2.2 library.  We have the 1.2 compiler and the 2.2
one (on 2 different machines).  If I compile the /dev/tty code under
1.2 and run it with the 1.2 libraries it reads properly.  If I compile
with 2.2 and run with 2.2 libraries it skips the read.  If I compile
with the 1.2 compiler and run it on the 2.2 machine the read fails.  If
I compile on the 2.2 machine it refuses to run, to even load on the
1.2 machine.

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