cu works but tip doesn't (RS/6000 AIX 3003)

cu works but tip doesn't (RS/6000 AIX 3003)

Post by Ed Rav » Wed, 27 Mar 1991 14:14:12

Have only been using the RS/6000 a few days, but BNU UUCP works as expected
if not a little better.  My old nemesis, "cu", even behaves itself and does
exactly what I tell it to do when I want to "cu sysname".  But "tip sysname"
tells me that it's "connected" but no characters are sent/received.  Setting
up /etc/remote for the tty and speed desired works (or rather, doesn't work)

I'm not even sure I understand why uucp is working so well.  My two tty ports
are both configured in smit as "delay", that is, bidirectional, and if I look
at /dev/tty0 and 1 they are both owned by root.  "cu" is setuid root, so that
might be why it can access the ports without problem, but "uucico" is setuid
for uucp and it works just fine.  "tip" has no setuid privileges.

Is there some subtlety with permissions that I'm missing here?  There's no
reason why I should prefer "tip" over "cu", but I hate mysteries and i'd like
to have other non-privileged programs (such as Kermit) work over shared serial

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