OCR packages for AIX 3

OCR packages for AIX 3

Post by Kenneth Stail » Sun, 28 Jun 1992 01:12:42

Quote:> [...stuff deleted...] are there any OCR packages available for AIX 3?
> We would especially like one with a nice friendly X-Windows interface.

We have purchased IceScan Plus with OpenRead from Integrated Computer
Equipment, Inc 703-448-2395 and are very pleased with it.  It has
OmniFont recognition and an interactive training mode so that it can
learn just about any font you throw at it.  The product supports a
wide range of SCSI scanners including the IBM 2456 so you can get IBM
service for the hardware.

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1. ocr linux scanner: ocr support for linux scanners?

 I'm looking for a scanner/OCR combination for linux.

I don't want to spend a bundle.

I know that vividata ocr shop can be used with linux.

But the scanners they support seem only to be high end, and most of
them I can't even find prices for. (maybe they are out of date).

Does anyone have experiences with running ocr shop on linux? Are there
any open source ocr attempts? rj


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