tickadj problem

tickadj problem

Post by Mike Borkows » Fri, 10 Jan 1992 13:02:57

Anyone using tickadj from xntp?  I get the following error message:

tickadj -q

tickadj: namelist can't find `_tickadj'
tickadj: namelist can't find `_tick'



1. Problems with tickadj under Solaris 2.4

Thanks! to Bill Sebok for posting that nifty perl script for doing the xntp
drift adjustment on Solaris2.[34] machines.  I've tried it on a couple
of my Sol2.4 machines and it has brought the drift down to under 2 ppm.

Now a question: Does anybody have a version that works for Solaris2.5?

I tried it on a 2.5 machine.  Even though adb reported successfully
patching the kernel, after a few hours the value in the drift file was
back where it had started from (almost 200, for this particular
machine!).  Since the script had also patched /etc/system, I tried
resetting the value in the drift file to zero and rebooting the
machine.  ADB reports that the nsec_per_tick in the rebooted kernel has
the correct value, but the drift is unchanged after a few hours running
(ie, not close to zero, as I expected to see, and as I do see on my
Sol2.4 machines.) It almost looks as if the Sol2.5 clock driver is
ignoring nsec_per_tick, or something...

Can anybody help?



In response to a private e-mail version of the above, Bill wrote back...

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