3rd party (OEM) SCSI hard disk suggestions wanted

3rd party (OEM) SCSI hard disk suggestions wanted

Post by Andrew R. Orndor » Sun, 16 Feb 1992 08:59:31

        A request to anyone who might have the time to answer this post:

        We have found, as others may have, that IBM hard drives are too
expensive for our budget (beyond the initial purchase anyway) and now
face a need for more storage.

        As a consequence, I'd like to ask for information that people may
have on particular hardware or vendors in the third party market. Our
specific needs are for drives in the 1.0 Gb - 1.2 Gb range, preferrably
external since we don't have much more room for internal drives.

        Comments might include ease of installation, reliability, cost
(of course) and impressions of the supplier.

        If at all possible, for those people who have had good experiences,
I'd appreciate references to your sources including telephone numbers,
U.S. mailing addresses, or e-mail addresses.

        If anyone expresses an interest, I'd be willing to summarize
any information that I receive.


        Andrew Orndorff
        System Administrator

        NHTSA Data Center

        UUCP:           ...!uunet!dcatlas!drewo


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