NIS setup questions

NIS setup questions

Post by Joe Ryal » Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:15:24

I have a couple of questions:

1. when setting up a NIS client system, is there a way to give the
client a list of systems to bind to in order of preference (i.e. host A,
if ypserv not running try host B, and so on) I know that using the
ypsetme option will tell the client to bind to one and only that one
host which I don't want. I have setup a couple of SUN systems as clients
and the script that runs to set up the client asks for a list of servers
to bind to in order of preference ( and they must be in the /etc/hosts

2. when setting up a NIS slave server I would like to setup a list like
in question #1 but with itself as the first host to check.

I understand that without using ypsetme option ypbind (I believe) will
broadcast out all active interfaces to search for a server on that
segment that is running ypserv and then bind to it. This is causing some
grief for a couple of reasons. First the slave servers don't necessarily
find themselves first to bind to (why would a slave server bind to
another slave server and put unnecessary NIS traffic on the segment/ring
etc. when he has the yp maps already) Second thing is we have a 100 FDX
network segment that is dedicated to our backup infrastructure and
should only be used for that. Almost everyone of our systems (except for
some very old systems) have a connection on this segment including the
NIS servers (Master and Slaves) and with a broadcast some clients/slaves
will bind to a slave server via this backup network.

Any pointers to this would be appreciated

Joe Ryals


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I have a number of linux hosts that I would like to connect with NIS.

I got the ypserv program running fine on linux box 1, but when I try to
login to linux box 2, the passwords do not work. As root, on box 2,
I can however successfully run "ypcat passwd" and I see the password file
from linux box 1 just fine. ypwhich returns the correct server name
from linux box 1, and domainname returns the same domainname, in case
you wondered.

What am I missing here??

Thanks for any pointers...


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