Sun A3500 FC Compatability

Sun A3500 FC Compatability

Post by bill alcor » Sun, 12 May 2002 11:43:53

Does anyone now if a SUN A3500 FC array is compatible with the rs/6000
(pSeries) product line?

If so, what versions of AIX are needed to make it work?
Will an IBM 6228 FC adapter work with it (Emulex lp9000 series)?



1. T3, Sun FC PCI card and FC switch

I'm trying to connect StorageEdge T3 to Sun servers using FC switch
and fiber topology.

If I configure FC switch for arbitraded loop topology, everything
works fine on most of the servers.  I can see T3 disks mapped under
standard /dev/dsk/cNtNdNsN devices.  Except on one server that simply
refuses to see the disks -- I tried to replace everything, from cables
and FC card in server to using different port on switch, it simply
don't see T3 disks.

If I configure FC switch for fiber topology than following happens:

On the switch I can see that T3 is connected to an FL port, while Sun
servers are connected to F ports on switch (T3 have old Qlogic 2100
chipset that supports only loop, and Sun FC cards have Qlogic 2200
chipset that supports both loop and fiber, so this is OK).

Now, the problem is that after reboot, Sun servers sometimes see T3
storage, and sometimes after reboot it simple dissapers (and reapears
after some number of reboots).  Also, when they see it, disks are
mapped under strange device names, something of the form cNtWNNdNsN
(where WNN is WNN of T3 FC controller).

I also tried to access T3 from Linux box.  It sees disks under both
arbitrated loop and fiber topology.

Did anybody had this kind of problems with T3 and/or Sun FC cards?
Any advices?

FC switch (well, switches to be more precise, T3 is connected to one,
and servers to another) I use is Compaq FC switch.

BTW, I also have Sun SANbox FC switch (firmware in it supports only
arbitrated loop topology for now) that I tried to connect with Compaq
FC switch -- and it simply was not working.  Any hope for connecting


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