Software to read NOS/VE backup tapes

Software to read NOS/VE backup tapes

Post by Dean E. Nels » Wed, 12 Feb 1992 23:26:30

We are replacing our * with RS-6000's.  It would sure make life easier
on us if we didn't have to convert all the backup tapes before pulling the
plug on the *.  Does anyone know of any software which runs under AIX
that would enable one to read NOS/VE backup tapes?

1. Need tape utility to read VMS BACKUP tape on Unix/Ultrix.

I know someone must have solved this problem.  I have access to Unix systems,
4.3bsd as well as Ultrix, but no VMS.  A customer sent me a tape which was
made on VMS 4.6 with the BACKUP command.  I want to read this tape, of course.
Does anyone know of a utility, whether public domain or otherwise, which does
the trick?  Thanks in advance.

-Larry Gillespie

{sun, ihnp4, lll-crg, ucbvax}!zehntel!zinfandel!larryg
(415) 932-6900

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