Source for SSA cables and adapters?

Source for SSA cables and adapters?

Post by David Alexande » Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:41:39

I recently bought a 7133-500 and now I need to locate some SSA cables.
The only ones I have found say they're for the 3527 only.  Since I've
never seen a 3527 I don't know if they really use the same cables or
not.  Anyone know of a good source for SSA cables and perhaps some PCI
SSA adapters too?

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We currently have 2 PCI SSA Multi-Initiator/RAID EL adapter in a 7026-H50.
One adapter is connected to a 7133-020 with 4 black SSA cables (32H0097).
We are in the process of getting a 7133-D40 and planning on connecting it to
the 2nd adapter.
2 Questions:
1.  Any compatibility issue between the above adapter and 7133-D40?
2.  Can the same type of black SSA cables be used between the two? Or blue
ones only.
Keep getting difference answers from IBM tech.
Thanks in advance.

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