Why is a 43P-260 a 43P ? :-)

Why is a 43P-260 a 43P ? :-)

Post by Niklas Edmundsso » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Silly thought: Why is a 43P-260 (the new Power3 SMP box) called 43P ?

In my mind, a 43P is a desktop-box. The 43P-260 is a black tower-thing...

Atleast I find it confusing, or some weird love for the 43P-thing in the
name... 8-)

/Nikke - wouldn't mind if somebody gave me one though :-)

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1. Why is a 43P-260 a 43P ? :-)

In my IBM direct catalog, the 43P is shown like a desktop (horizontal
orientation) for workstations, and on its side (don't make me say it) for
workgroup servers.  It's even the same case, near as I can tell.

Too bad it's like, $12,000 more as a 260 than as a 140.

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