Rigging up telnetd(1) for an application

Rigging up telnetd(1) for an application

Post by Randy Carpent » Fri, 13 Nov 1992 03:38:57

We wanted people to be able to telnet into our application on an RS/6000
running AIX 3.2, so we patched the telnetd(1) to execute "/bin/fubar"
instead of "/bin/login".  The program "/bin/fubar" starts the application
(our University's course registration system).

Everything works fine, except for one annoying thing.  When using
"LAN Workplace for DOS", the TELNET negotiation to the RS/6000 gets confused
and both systems want to echo.  When the user types something and hits
return, the text is echoed.  This doesn't happen when we use telnet(1)
from other RS/6000s, SGIs, Suns, etc.

What could be the problem?


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