Stored Procedures AIX V4.1 RS6000,DB26000 V2.1

Stored Procedures AIX V4.1 RS6000,DB26000 V2.1

Post by Louis Wal » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Anybody calling stored procedures from Delphi via BDE on AIX or other UNIX

I have no problems with DB2 UDB on NT.

session.GetStoredProcNames (may not be exact name) does not return any
values for stored procedures created in the prescribed way (using
DB2CLI.PROCEDURES) table on AIX V4.1 RS6000,DB26000 V2.1

Help would be greatly appreciated


1. Parasoft Insure++ with DB2 Stored-Procedures on AIX ?

I'm using DB2 v7.1 (fp3) on AIX, and I have
many 'C' DARI style embedded-SQL stored procedures.

We use Parasoft Insure++ v5.1 successfully on
most applications in this environment.

But we dont know if Insure++ can be made to work on the
DB2-stored-procedures themselves.

At present it looks like it just wont work!

DB2-stored-procedures on AIX are shared-libraries,
so I've built them for Insure++ appropriately.
(i.e they seem to load successfully using the load()
system call).

Although I can build the stored-procedures for
insure++, DB2 is unable to load them. It gives
SQL10012N. This is despite the instance having
the DB2LIBPATH prefixed with the insure directories,
and the DB2ENVLIST having LIBPATH included with
a suitable insure-directory prefix.

Has anyone out there managed to get
Insure++ running for DB2 'C' stored procedures on AIX ?

If so , can you email or post exactly how you
did it, with details of the compile+link lines
from your makefile/script, and your db2 and .psrc
setup to make it work.


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