3270 emulation...how?

3270 emulation...how?

Post by Dave Beed » Sat, 07 Sep 1991 00:28:40

   Is it possible to get AIX to support more than one terminal emulation when
one telnets in to a machine.  Specifically we would like to have vt100 and
3270 emulation available.  Can the terminal type be negotiated at connect time
or can it be set "on the fly"?  Also can things like elm and rn recognize the
terminal type and act correctly?   Thanks for any info!

  Dave Beedle                                    Office of Academic Computing
                                                    Illinois State University


1. telnet 3270 emulation

I am trying to use the 3270 emulation feature of the telnet client:

$ telnet
telnet> emulate 3270
Now emulating a 3270 terminal

When I open a 3270 session to our mainframe however, I can't seem to use
what appears to be the 'clear' function default of '^z'.  I am doing
this all through telnet from another machine, which may be causing
trouble.  Is anyone aware of how to use the mapped keys in this 3270

Matt Collins


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