GNU backup tool

GNU backup tool

Post by Edward Quic » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 04:51:24


Can anyone suggest a good simple GNU backup tool I can use for doing full
on AIX?




GNU backup tool

Post by Edward Quic » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 04:51:17


Can anyone suggest a good GNU backup tool I can use for doing full back-ups
on AIX?




1. Which backup tool to backup huge filesystems to tape?


after reading this group through it looked for me like amanda would
be the favoured tool, I installed it and it actually looks quite
sympatic (not too overloaded, understandable...), BUT: from
everything I read and tried out it seems uncapable of handling
filesystems whose backup is larger than the available tape size.

I have two RAIDs with 0.5 and 1 TB of data, currently only the 0.5 TB are
full but this will change soon (currently I backup to the 1TB RAID, but
this is not satisfying, especialy because we had a near-bad crash due to a
failure in the air conditioning, so I'm searching for something more
static :). We've also got a Tandberg SuperDLT with a per-tape capacity
of about 110GB, so it should be capable of doing the job to currently
5 tapes, which is OK. The RAID is connected to the fileserver, the tape
to a seperate box (both running RedHat Linux, 7.0 in the moment)

So what I'm looking for is a reliable backup program (from this point I
liked amanda because of the usage of standard formats like tar, I don't
want to use dumpfs like tools as I need only parts being backupped and
want to be able to work on the fs during the backup process) capable of
using my tapes optimal. Any good/bad experiences? It should also be
capable of backing up over the network, and possibly also backup some
windows and macintosh workstations, but I could mount these using samba.

What I've tried so far:
- homegrown tar solution with split option. Works. Drawback: no sophisticated
tape management (I'd for example like to do incremental backups, appending
them to existing tapes, so the tapes are used about equally) which I don't
want to re-invent once again, no good way for software compression (using
the z option in tar compresses the whole archive as one stream which I
think could bring me into trouble when one tape fails. Without compression
I should be able to recover at least the undamaged date).

- amanda: almost useless for me. The proposed solutions for the "tape too
small" problem I read so far were:
 - buy larger drive (1 TB? haha)
 - do full backup outside amanda using tar and just the increments using
   amanda (not much better than doing everything with tar, besides this
   it could well be that over 110 GB change on one day)
 - instead of backing up /raid backup /raid/smallerdir1, /raid/smallerdir2
   and so on. Unmanageable for my needed capacities and wastes a lot of
   tape space because no tape is used full.

- arkeia: the best I found so far, but I read of bad experiences with
restores from damaged tapes, problems after the arekeia installation
got lost, random crashes and such things. Never happend to me, but I
also didn't have the impression of a very reliable program (almost no
real error checking on various config files). But my experiences are
over 1.5 years old, did it improve? At least it can split a backup
to several tapes :)

My next candidate is BRU, I'll download the trial version tomorrow.
Any opinions on it? Any hints for other tools?

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