AIX 4.1, DHCP and Windows

AIX 4.1, DHCP and Windows

Post by NICHOLAS DRON » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

: Hi,

: I want install DHCP server on AIX 4.1, but I have
: one question: Does the Windows DHCP Clients recognize
: the AIX DHCP Server?


: Does it need other software to Windows DHCP Clients
: recognize AIX DHCP Server?



1. X Windows on AIX 4.1


I'm not very familiar with AIX, and I am having a major problem with X

I am running AIX on an IBM RS/6000.

I was running mwm and this was working fine.  I installed CDE from the
AIX CD ROM and it worked for a few weeks.  Unfortunately, now when I try
to start X Windows, the screen flickers for a second or two, and then it
pauses, finally returning me to a command prompt.  I assume this means
that the X Server crashed. I receive the following message:

/usr/lpp/X11/defaults/xserverrc[90] 10128 Segmentation fault (coredump)
1356-800: Unable to start X Server

The really weird part is that I can telnet to the machine from my Linux
box at home.  I set the display and I can run all of the AIX X Windows
applications and display them on this remote host.

It seems to me, that the problem must be with CDE and not the X Server
on the AIX machine.  Has anyone run into this type of problem before?
Where do you think I should begin?  Is there a way to set the default
Window Manager back to mwm, without removing CDE?

Thanks for your help.


P.S.  I installed the Y2K fixes from IBMs web site last week.  Could
this have something to do with it?

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