Looking for beta testers

Looking for beta testers

Post by Bob Hablutz » Sun, 22 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Greetings -

   I am looking for beta testers for a program I have been working on. The
program can be used to get more information from a core file (including
the name of the running executable, all loaded libraries, and a stack
trace at the time of the error) without having to resort to a de*.
Information can often be retrieved from the core file even with the
application not built with debug information.
   The purpose of the program is both to provide rapid access to the
information in the core file, and also to provide first-level analysis of
the application for quality assurance, help desk, and statistical
   Please note that I am looking for beta testers. The interface is
currently a little raw, and some features (such as the disassembly of the
faulting routine) are currently disabled. The features which are present,
however, have been fairly heavily tested in house and need to get broader
   The program works on all versions of AIX 4, up to and including AIX
4.3.2, although only 32 bit applications are currently supported.

    If you are interesting in joining the beta program, please write me at

         Your name and contact information
         The type of machine and AIX version
         Development environment

    Some indication on the amount of time you will be able to spend with
the program would also be useful.

Thank you for your time.


Bob Hablutzel                           Hablutzel Consulting


Looking for beta testers

Post by Jerry Leichte » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

|          Your name and contact information

Jerry Leichter
System Management ARTS

|          The type of machine and AIX version

We've got a pair of 2-processor F40's, one running 4.2.1, the other
running 4.3.1.

|          Development environment

I don't know what you're looking for here.  Our code is almost entirely
C++ (currently compiled only under 4.2.1 using xlC), with some C (and
some Java, but that's not relevent for this purpose).  All our code is
aggressively multi-threaded - don't know if your tool handles that well.

|     Some indication on the amount of time you will be able to spend
|     with the program would also be useful.

Hard to predict - it depends on how many crashes we have!  The code we
ship to our customers *never* crashes, so we *never* have to look at
core dumps they send back to us.  (And we have a bridge available for
sale not far from here.)

Seriously, we do get core files (more from in-house testing than from
customers, but certainly no exclusively), and a quick way to figure out
what's going on would certainly be helpful.
                                                        -- Jerry


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    The Led C++ Class library - a tool for building sophisticated word
processing and text editing functionality into applications - has just been
ported to Linux/X-Windows/Gtk. I'm looking for a small number of fairly
technically savvy beta testers to take a look a this toolkit.

    This class library is very mature on the Macintosh and Win32 platforms,
and has been used to build commercial quality applications for several
years. I've now completed a port to X-Windows/Gtk which is late beta

    I need folks who can test the sample application (available from
.0b7.tar.gz) on a number of different Linux machines / X-Windows XServers.
And more importantly - I need people who are familiar with programming with
Gtk - who can evaluate how easy it is to integrate with the Gtk wrappers
I've written.

    If you are interested in playing with the sample editor - you can just
download it from the URL above (please note - this beta only supports RTF
input/output files). Please send any comments about compatability (or

    If you would like to beta test the C++ class library - please send me



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