aix version 4.3 CD pack

aix version 4.3 CD pack

Post by wei.. » Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am buying an used 7013 590 rs6000 machine. Do you know where I can
get a copy of aix 4.3 CD pack? I called IBM and they told me that I
have to pay $950 for it. The price is too expensive for home use.
Someone told me that I can get it for $50. Do you know how and where?

An AIX starter.


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Before you buy.


1. AIX 4.3 using Bind version 8 and underscores in hostnames

A colleague of me was on a HACMP course and had the following sentence in

The use of special characters in IP Labels may cause additional difficulty
if you are using
AIX 4.3 with Bind version 8. This version does not support the underscore
(_) as a
valid character.

Has anyone heard about this ?

Since we are using 4.2 and plan to upgrade to 4.3 this lead to problems at
our site.

Werner Kraibuehler

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